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The Sinéad O'Connor LJ Community

An Unofficial Community for Sinéad Fans!

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Welcome to the Unofficial Sinéad O'Connor Livejournal Community! This is the place to talk about anything and everything Sinéad O'Connor! Everyone is welcome to join and post. So, click "join" and get started! :)

There are just a few rules and guidelines to follow that will help keep the comm friendly!

1. BE RESPECTFUL. Of your fellow members, and of Sinéad. Bashers and trolls will not be tolerated at all. If you don't agree with an opinion in a post or comment by another poster, don't be cruel!
2. NO LINKS TO DOWNLOADS. As cool as it would be to share your favorite tracks, it just isn't legal to do that. (Sorry to be a killjoy!) However, I will turn a blind eye to fan remixes, bootlegs, and impossible-to-find tracks as long as you LOCK the post. Links to videos on YouTube or to legal downloads at iTunes or wherever are fine, too!
3. ICONS, GRAPHICS, WHATEVER ARE OK HERE! Of course, they have to be Sinéad-related! ;)
4. BE RESPECTFUL. I can't stress this enough!

And that's all! Have fun!


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