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"You Can't Do That" Beatles cover
Sinéad O'connor playing a song by "The Beatles" at Inspirations gig on Friday 27th Feb 2009.

"You Causes so Much Sorrow" 1990 live!!!!!!!

Sinead O'connor playing at Dublin Academy (27th February 2009)

Concert "The year of the Horse"

Visit this website please:
The whole concert from the dvd "The year of the Horse" is uploaded there.
Go , watch and enjoy!!!!!
Sinead did an excellent show!!!!!!!!

NEW SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just heard the Sinead O'connor's new song. It's called "ONLY YOU" and it's from the soundtrack of the British upcoming film "The Young Victoria".

JUST play the video...

I hope you like the song.. I think it's a beautiful one and it suits very well on the film.

See you!

Sinead fansite!
Visit this fansite:
You can watch videos, see many pictures, listen to songs and download them.

thank you!

Night of Proms 2008 ( Netherlands)
Troy (Live):

Nothing compares 2 U (Live):

Dark I Am Yet Lovely (Live:

Sinead and Skin, Let it Be LIVE 29.08.2008

I'm sweaming in a deep blue, yes... Fire On Babylon live
I hope you all are familiar with The Black Album - unofficial compilation of Sinead's b-sides and side-projects.  (If not you can find info on Jeronimo's page.) There is very powerful live version of Fire On Babylon on it, with the words I'm sweaming in a deep blue, yes, I'm lookong for you. Like I always do... in the end of the song. I wonder if anybody know what the performance is ore have the other songs from this bootleg.
P. S. Fire On Babylon is always SO amazing live. And often in has an edition words (like on the second disc of She Who Dwells).

Sinead gets help from Dave Stewart for "Jealous"
Raise your hand if you feel a tingle run down your neck when she sings!

Everybody knows the Eurythmics - most, however, couldn't name either of the co-founders . 1/2 of the 80s electro-pop duo, Dave Stewart, is FINALLY getting some credit for his many years as a super singer/songwriter. Dave's on tour with a 30-piece (and i quote) "ROCK FABULOUS" :) orchestra and a handful of songs he originally wrote INCLUDING SINEAD'S "JEALOUS"!!

Google says a video, featuring Sinead, is in the works as well. Sinead realized his incredible talent - hopefully some real music fans pick it up too. I LOOOOOOVE sweet dreams....

Found a free-streamed music sample of 'Jealous' - track 17


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